Yeah, I friggin’ work!

Do you work?

I stay home with my kids, so I hate this question. I hate it on school forms, applications, and when making chit chat. Because I. Am. Working.

I have three autistic kids.

“Is that even possible!?”

I can hear you thinking it. I assure you, I would not joke about such a thing.

Gorgeous boys, too!


Let’s not get sidetracked. Yes, three special, smart, loud boys. And they each have a team of therapists, teachers, aides, social workers, doctors, specialists, and van drivers. Juggling their lives is my work.

I also manage a healthy amount of panic attacks, I strive for at least 4 per week, worrying if I’m a good mom/person. Maybe the middle one should be in music therapy? Did I call back the Y about getting the behavior specialist her companion membership badge? We’re out of bagels, that’s going to be a crisis!

In rare moments, I experience the pride of successfully wrangling these little Fellas. Their hearts are so fragile, bruised by the struggles that come along with their neuro-diversity. And everyday, I manage to inject kindness into their lives. Not, like, all the time. I still yell. A lot.

We go to museums and out to (crappy) restaurants and we play soccer loudly at the neighborhood park. Add all the loving corrections and the times I bite my tongue when I want to say, “My life is hard, too!” I think I am crushing it at Work.

I have recently been encouraged in my return to writing. I have been blogging for well over a decade. First a very snarky blog, single-gal rants against the establishment, and then, still snarky, my mom journey, recording the events and quirks of parenting and posting loads of cute kid pictures.

This is going to be a mixed up effort to help that pre-mom woman resurface. It’s more work! But so far I am really enjoying it. I hope you do as well.

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