Dumbest Parenting Advice Chart Topper

I’m live-streaming fury over the ridiculous advice people give me about raising my autistic kids.

I don’t expect other people to understand the shit show that is parenting three autistic kids.

Really, any parent gets dumb advice. I don’t know, maybe it’s easier for me in this one regard because I’ve given myself the pass to say STFU. Move along.

So how do I survive? I am the Queen of Pushing Back.

Example: A child psychiatrist who knows my heavily impacted eldest child, suggested a type of in-home therapy called ABA for my middle kid.

I do not like ABA. Every damn person I meet, including the dental hygienist who has a cousin whose kid is autistic, says how wonderful it is! Well, we’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for my family. (That’s really controversial in the autism community to be Anti-ABA. Suck it.)

Here’s me pushing back:

Sorry Dr, we’ve tried it and it just stirs everyone up and makes chaos and I’m not signing on for more chaos.

“Well imagine”, he says, “if you only had ONE child with autism how it would be helpful.”

Hmm, in this alternate universe, do I also have a pony and mermaid hair? That absurdity is not worth a single second of my time because I am never going to have ONE autistic child. Stop right there. Next suggestion!

Doctors, teachers, therapists, swim instructors, mom I met at the hair salon…thank you for your entry into Most Ridiculous Words Heard list. I’m locking down this conversation.

The best advice I have to give is to never sign anything at the IEP meeting, don’t feel guilty if you have to say “No” because you feel too worn out, and say “Yes” as much as you can to your little people.

I came across the cutest cross stitch on Etsy:

You don’t have to explain yourself to idiots.

You’re not the Fuckface whisperer.

I think I’m going to buy it and wear it as a necklace.

Published by Cynthia Zorabedian

I have always identified as a writer. My skills were honed early, writing poetry and research papers. Lately, my words have been used largely in passionate letters to the school district in which I advocate for the rights of my autistic children. My humor is my release from the stress of being a special needs parent and I'm finding so much joy in my new blog. I'm a Boston girl who now lives in Southern California with my husband and three sons.

4 thoughts on “Dumbest Parenting Advice Chart Topper

  1. You are so strong. Thank you for being YOU! You are doing it: being an advocate for your children and loving them. My favorite quote is this, “There is no one perfect way to be a good mother. Each situation is unique. Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities and certainly different children. What matters is that a mother loves her children deeply.”

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  2. Good grief woman I adore you, you speak the truth, you live the life, you see the blatant ignorance and lack of awareness. Isn’t it about fucking time arseholes evolve?!?!?!
    FYI I’ve been considering a blog for a long time. We, the strong, or we defiers of epic morons unite!

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