Top 10 “silver linings” of sheltering-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic

10. Grocery shopping is simplified — it’s all “out of stock”. 9. Think of the money I’ll save on haircuts! 8. No more school pick-up line. (wait, this might be my #1) 7. Social distancing = freedom from feeling socially awkward. 6. Finally, scarcity will force me to use all of the beauty samples andContinue reading “Top 10 “silver linings” of sheltering-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic”

Cracking into my Trump-ocalypse box!

When Trump was elected in 2016, I created a Trump-ocalypse box for my family. I was convinced we would have to flee to Canada when he brought about what I was certain would be the end of days. I packed up medicines, first aid supplies, batteries, a flashlight, toothbrushes, tampons, family documents, and cash. WhenContinue reading “Cracking into my Trump-ocalypse box!”

Invisible Disabilities Are Misunderstood

Growing up in the 80’s, I was educated in “handicap awareness”. My second grade class was visited by a local woman who was vision impaired. She brought her seeing-eye dog and we learned not to pet the dog, because he was working. It was an awakening to realize there were people around me who hadContinue reading “Invisible Disabilities Are Misunderstood”