“please consider the impact on the environment before printing this email”

This is my “furious with Special Education administrator” face.

Yes, there was a time when people printed out emails. It was called the aughts? 2000’s? One of those.

Regardless, it was a thing and it was wasteful. Of course, there’s always those who know better and do better, so they would add to their email signature to “please consider the impact on the environment before printing this email. ” Fair enough. A bit douchey, but point taken.

But. BUT! There are still people who have this in their signature. We are all so perma-mobile, even grandmas have a smart phone and know how to pull up an email.

The bigger point is, have people learned how to read an email or respond to one?

To everyone more concerned with my printing their electronic mail I would ask that they please consider the impact on my brain of the content of their ridiculous correspondence. The choices seem to be that they didn’t fully read my query, ignored it completely, had a brain fart and started an entirely new train, or just chose to allow me to chase them down for a month before replying.

Emailer, your carbon footprint, as a less than fully realized thinking human, is far more exhausting to the environment than my printer paper. I can recycle the paper. You, however, will still be frustrating the shit out of people, and probably getting paid to do so, for another 3 or 4 decades.

So, yeah, take down your pompous signature and do some actual work. Because that would be the least wasteful of a non-renewable resources, i.e. my time and energy.

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