The Booster: What to expect for side effects after the third shot COVID-19 vaccine, Moderna.

I am high risk for serious complications from a COVID infection so I was eligible for “The Booster”.

Having Googled extensively prior to the shot, and not getting many hits, I wanted to share my experience.

I have a myriad of auto immune diseases and I did have a rough go of things after both my first and second shots, but mainly with the second. I expected that I would have some side effects and hoped that they would be mild.

I got my third shot Saturday at noon. Within an hour, my injection site pain had me wishing for ibuprofen but I was trying to hold out for 4 hours. Do not ask me where I came up with this time frame, maybe it was one of my doctors, but I had been advised not to take any anti-inflammatory medicine within 8 hours prior to the vaccine and for 4 hours afterwards. I also read and was told by other doctors that I COULD take my regular medicine (anti-inflammatory drugs) before and after the shot per my regular schedule. Shrug. I was going to try to tough it out in case it impacted the production of antibodies.

You can see why I’m trying to post my experience because there is a world of opposing information out there.

Anyway, my bicep was hurting pretty much right away and my throat started to feel sore, like post-nasal drip sore, within 4 hours. I didn’t have a runny nose. A mild head ache started and all my muscles were hurting by the 4 hour mark.

I caved fast and took my ibuprofen.

I had no fever. I was very emotional. That could be a random effect of a busy day also getting the children their flu shots, but I thought I’d mention it.

My IC pain was getting worse so I did crawl into bed and take my gabapentin and an antihistamine by 8pm.

I didn’t sleep well, with vivid dreams and sweating. No fever.

I woke Sunday feeling achy and generally crappy and crampy. I got some more ibuprofen and I resumed my regular routine of my nerve pain medicine and my vitamins, etc. My tummy has been off, too.

Monday I was so tired and spacey and just wanted to rest, but I had Life, so tough luck. Another night of weird dreams and sweating. No fever just over heating.

Today is Tuesday and I still have the sore throat and muscle aches. My injection site pain is still there but very manageable. I even did some light exercise with the kids. I am really looking forward to a bath and bedtime.

So far, after 4 days, I feel like I’ve had a mild flu infection with no fever.

I’m grateful that I had the booster. I hope that if you’re eligible, you’ll get yours and stay healthy!

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