My kids are all vaccinated and here’s what I know

I have 3 young sons. My husband and I (we’re both vaccinated and have our booster) decided that we wouldn’t wait to get any of them vaccinated. As they became eligible, we immediately made appointments for them.

My 12 year old got his vaccine back in June. I brought him to Radys Children’s Hospital where I hoped he would have a less stressful environment. It was so easy and the staff was all so kind. I would definitely recommend bringing your kids there.

After the first shot he had mild soreness at the injection site and that’s it! He’s a bad patient so I had laid in a supply of Gatorade and ice cream and other treats. I had the Tylenol ready. And really, he didn’t need anything! He was happy for the day off from school and unlimited screen time. The second shot went just as easily with no side effects other than injection site soreness.

I was so relieved that he was protected. It was right before the summer Delta surge. But 40% of my family was still not protected as the other boys were 5 and 8. I held my breath for 5 more months.

Finally, the vaccine was approved for 5-11 year olds. We booked ourselves at Radys Hospital again. My Littles were very brave and eager to be vaccinated. We talked about it a lot, about how everyone would be protected and that we would be able to have a more normal life. We would be helping to protect our community. And there would be donuts for a treat. Two quick pinches and I had two vaccinated kids! There was even a therapy dog to pet while we waited out the 15 minutes to ensure no one had an allergic reaction.

No one had any problems and the donuts were delicious. Once again, I was relieved that the children experienced no side effects other than a mildly sore arm. They weren’t even tired enough to nap. Probably, the donuts were working against me there.

What I didn’t say at the outset, but what you might know from reading my other blog posts, is that my boys are each autistic. They have more anxiety and worries, more sensitivities and, in the case of my eldest, more food and environmental allergies than a neurotypical child. Yet they were troopers. I am so very proud of them.

Now, if my kids can get the vaccine, then you and your kids can. I was more worried about us being unvaccinated than getting the vaccine. Please use our family as an example to get protected. And then you too can get donuts!

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