My Pandemic is Different than Yours

For nearly two years I have been physically and emotionally cloistered from the world. I have fibromyalgia and several other autoimmune diseases which result in chronic pain. I did not want COVID-19 on top of everything I’m already struggling to manage. My husband has underlying medical conditions and my three kids have autism, putting everyContinue reading “My Pandemic is Different than Yours”

Did I Make a Mistake in Putting Motherhood Above All Else?

I watched the film “The Lost Daughter”. Olivia Coleman, a middle-aged woman, is vacationing alone in Greece. She becomes consumed with the dramatic narrative of a fellow beach goer, a young mother and her daughter. Coleman is thrown back to her own youth when she struggled to parent small children and maintain a separate selfContinue reading “Did I Make a Mistake in Putting Motherhood Above All Else?”