Cracking into my Trump-ocalypse box!

When Trump was elected in 2016, I created a Trump-ocalypse box for my family. I was convinced we would have to flee to Canada when he brought about what I was certain would be the end of days. I packed up medicines, first aid supplies, batteries, a flashlight, toothbrushes, tampons, family documents, and cash. WhenContinue reading “Cracking into my Trump-ocalypse box!”

Invisible Disabilities Are Misunderstood

Growing up in the 80’s, I was educated in “handicap awareness”. My second grade class was visited by a local woman who was vision impaired. She brought her seeing-eye dog and we learned not to pet the dog, because he was working. It was an awakening to realize there were people around me who hadContinue reading “Invisible Disabilities Are Misunderstood”

Dumbest Parenting Advice Chart Topper

I’m live-streaming fury over the ridiculous advice people give me about raising my autistic kids. I don’t expect other people to understand the shit show that is parenting three autistic kids. Really, any parent gets dumb advice. I don’t know, maybe it’s easier for me in this one regard because I’ve given myself the passContinue reading “Dumbest Parenting Advice Chart Topper”

I hate stroller fitness classes

I see you mommies, with your SUV strollers and hydro flasks, convening in the most public of venues, stretching lycra clad limbs, while your tiny charges sit calmly and silently. Maybe if my own kids would have ever deigned to allow me the same personal freedom then I wouldn’t think of you as inglorious bitches.Continue reading “I hate stroller fitness classes”

The CCPA is making it so hard to do my online speed shopping

I’m so lucky to live in California, on the Left Coast, where my online privacy is now protected by law. The California Consumer Privacy Act is in full effect and it’s sort of terrifying me to realize my paranoia about the sinister inter-web has been valid. Now every website I visit has a giant popContinue reading “The CCPA is making it so hard to do my online speed shopping”

Do you want the fake answer or the truth?

Holidays bring out the worst in me. National, religious, Hallmark, school… these are not fun and carefree days for me. The heightened expectation to be cheerful and joyous is crushing for a person who is struggling with the regular days! I have a family that is heavily impacted by special needs. Plus I have myContinue reading “Do you want the fake answer or the truth?”