My fancy school district is making headlines in a cringy way.

Our family moved to a rich neighborhood, in a wealthy city, for their school district. We needed a really good one. Our children are on the autism spectrum. They need an individualized education plan (IEP) that is heavy on expensive therapies and extra staff. A wealthy town should mean more money invested in the school.Continue reading “My fancy school district is making headlines in a cringy way.”

WTAF: Special Needs Education During the Pandemic

I try to be funny and encouraging and post about the little victories. But there are days when the grind that is parenting children with special needs is just overwhelmingly impossible. It doesn’t FEEL impossible, it’s like, actually impossible. How we make it to bedtime each day most often feels like it involved magic. Now,Continue reading “WTAF: Special Needs Education During the Pandemic”