Did I Make a Mistake in Putting Motherhood Above All Else?

I watched the film “The Lost Daughter”. Olivia Coleman, a middle-aged woman, is vacationing alone in Greece. She becomes consumed with the dramatic narrative of a fellow beach goer, a young mother and her daughter. Coleman is thrown back to her own youth when she struggled to parent small children and maintain a separate selfContinue reading “Did I Make a Mistake in Putting Motherhood Above All Else?”

There’s a Special Joy to Fridays Again!

I am not shy in my distain for distance learning. I am running in three directions, beholden to the school district’s schedule and rules, only they’re happening in my house! I mean, ok, I do bend/ignore their rules whenever I can, I won’t lie. And I take satisfaction in yelling about did you flush theContinue reading “There’s a Special Joy to Fridays Again!”

REJOICE! The kids are actually playing with toys!

Every parent knows that they have *cough* hundreds of dollars in toys malingering in bins and closets. The trick is, you wait long enough and then, oh, sacrifice a white goat while singing “I am the Walrus”, then drag out that box of pretend food. But when they actually play with the food?? Like, inContinue reading “REJOICE! The kids are actually playing with toys!”

This was going to be the year I focused on “Me”.

I’m a woman of a certain age and I am due my mid-life crisis. For a dozen years, my life has been the tough slog of motherhood. Making the babies, birthing the babies, caring for and raising the babies. I’m done with babies! Now, I’m surrounded by preschool to pre-pubescent boys and I’m really feelingContinue reading “This was going to be the year I focused on “Me”.”