Top 10 “silver linings” of sheltering-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic

10. Grocery shopping is simplified — it’s all “out of stock”.

9. Think of the money I’ll save on haircuts!

8. No more school pick-up line. (wait, this might be my #1)

7. Social distancing = freedom from feeling socially awkward.

6. Finally, scarcity will force me to use all of the beauty samples and hotel toiletries I always bring home.

5. Self-validation for having always been a spaz about hand cleanliness.

4. Having more virtual friends than actual friends makes isolating feel warm and familiar.

3. I get to postpone my dental cleaning, guilt free.

2. See, having three kids was a smart choice — playmates during the quarantine!

And, of course

1. Yoga pants all day, every day, baby!

Please share your silver linings in the comments or send me a message about how you’re coping with the new normal.

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