My Google search history reads like I’m drunk

Valentine’s Day crafts kids Is rebound trampoline good for lymphatic drainage? How can I stop being so annoyed by everyone? Is that character Noah also from Mad Men? Why does it hurt when I suck in my stomach? Best hair dye for grays Best under eye serum Best CBD gummies Best THC gummies 13 searchesContinue reading “My Google search history reads like I’m drunk”

Paranoid Behaviors That Predict The Future?

I’m feeling like that little girl from the movie “Signs”, the one who left the glasses of water everywhere that later became instrumental in the annihilation of creepy aliens. Except it’s packets of hand wipes and my obsessive penchant for hand cleanliness that will save my family from getting covid-19. For 15 years, I haveContinue reading “Paranoid Behaviors That Predict The Future?”