Guy is so “over” the pandemic he now lives in an alternate universe

I am innocently debating the pros and cons of getting an “Earth Day” cake pop with my two Littles when Guy Twenty-Something stumbles into the Starbucks and queues up behind us. BARISTA Sir, do you have a mask? GUY No. (horror washes down his face) ARE WE STILL DOING THAT?! I fully hone in oneContinue reading “Guy is so “over” the pandemic he now lives in an alternate universe”

My Pandemic is Different than Yours

For nearly two years I have been physically and emotionally cloistered from the world. I have fibromyalgia and several other autoimmune diseases which result in chronic pain. I did not want COVID-19 on top of everything I’m already struggling to manage. My husband has underlying medical conditions and my three kids have autism, putting everyContinue reading “My Pandemic is Different than Yours”

Orangutans at the table: Life with three wild boys.

In my pre-Mama days, I watched a nature program about scientists raising a few orphaned juvenile orangutans in the jungle. The mothers had been poached and they never had the benefit of socialization. The scientists were living with the animals in a camp. The scene that has stayed with me all of these years isContinue reading “Orangutans at the table: Life with three wild boys.”

There’s a Special Joy to Fridays Again!

I am not shy in my distain for distance learning. I am running in three directions, beholden to the school district’s schedule and rules, only they’re happening in my house! I mean, ok, I do bend/ignore their rules whenever I can, I won’t lie. And I take satisfaction in yelling about did you flush theContinue reading “There’s a Special Joy to Fridays Again!”

WTAF: Special Needs Education During the Pandemic

I try to be funny and encouraging and post about the little victories. But there are days when the grind that is parenting children with special needs is just overwhelmingly impossible. It doesn’t FEEL impossible, it’s like, actually impossible. How we make it to bedtime each day most often feels like it involved magic. Now,Continue reading “WTAF: Special Needs Education During the Pandemic”

51% Worth It!

It’s known as 51/49 around here, and it refers to something being just barely more “fun” than “shit show”. If my odds of having a successful mission are 51% then I am going for it. Those are the best odds I’m going to get. Ever. I could label it an autism thing, or a threeContinue reading “51% Worth It!”

Pandemic Distance Learning 2020: Parenting Survival Hacks (the Autism Version)

During synchronous learning with the teacher, don’t stress about having a Pinterest-worthy classroom. Leave that laundry right there. If little brother is yelling about having to pee, even better. Best to set that bar nice and low from the outset. Finding your Halloween Monster magnet set with the phonics toys is a wonderful opportunity toContinue reading “Pandemic Distance Learning 2020: Parenting Survival Hacks (the Autism Version)”